Higher Education institutions and Civil Society Organisations together for community

What is HECSOs

HECSOs aims at improving Universities’ capacities to cooperate with Civil Society Organizations systematically and continuously on community engagement as an innovative and impactful way for socio-economic inclusion of people in need.

The project will be implemented by 8 partners (4 Universities and 4 CSOs) from 6 EU countries (Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Italia, Romania, Spain), with the support of a European CSOs network, 2 Universities and 2 CSOs as associated partners. The project partners will cooperate for 3 years towards the following Specific Objectives.

The project consortium has established a trans-disciplinary and collaborative research group and develop international and research-based learning approaches to identify and disseminate innovative and evidence-based models of intervention and related implementation tools. The project consortium will also identify relevant professional roles that make community engagement approaches more effective and impactful, it will co-design corresponding skills and competency frameworks and develop related training (up-skilling)  curricula and courses for students and CSOs professionals. Finally, the project partners will develop, through jointly-organised local policy multi-stakeholders workshops, guidelines and policy recommendations to enable environments that favour community engagement approaches HECSOs is funded by the European Union in the framework of Erasmus + Key Action 2 – Cooperation among organisations and institutions.

Expected Project Results

Latest News

Second Transnational Project Meeting in Vienna, Austria

On 11th and 12th of October 2022 the second Transnational Project Meeting planned within the framework of HECSOs took place in Vienna, Austria.

First Transnational Project Meeting took place in Turin, Italy

On the 17th and 18th of May 2022 the first Transnational Project Meeting planned within the framework of HECSOs took place in Turin, Italy. The meeting was organised by S-nodi, the Italian partner of the project that has its principal core of projects and community engagement initiatives in the Piedmont region.